Eco-friendly Gift Guide for Surfers, Beachgoers, and Ocean Lovers

Martijn of Ventana
These environmentally responsible gift ideas from small businesses will give the surfer or ocean lover in your life sustainable holiday joy!

Ventana Surfboards & Supplies | Ventana Save-A-Surf Box

This is a unique reclaimed wood wax box and tool kit from Ventana will help the surfer in your life save their surf session when they’re out in the wild and keep their car clean from the melted surf wax monster! 

Ventana Save-A-Surf Box

With a bar of Ventana Cold or Warm Water XXL wax with surf-related fortune, five integrated fin screws, an Allen wrench secured with tiny magnets, a leash cord, a wax comb and scraper lid, a recycled guitar pick, a ruler, and a stainless-steel ring bottle opener, this all-in-one wax box is perfect for saving your session and opening a beer after you surf. Position the Allen wrench in the groove using the angle guide on the back of the box, turn the compass rose to the north and use it as a sundial to tell time in direct sunlight. If you know the time, position the shadow on that hour and it becomes a compass! The box itself is made from some of the same reclaimed woods we use in our hollow wooden surfboards.

This is a usable piece of art designed and produced by master artisan and wooden surfboard builder, Martijn Stiphout in Santa Cruz, California. They are laser cut to exact specifications, hand oiled, and assembled by Ventana. Customize it with a personalized message and a sundial calibrated to any location in the world! Free U.S. Shipping.

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Pelican House | Midway Onesie Swimsuit

Pelican House is a swimwear and jewelry label


Pelican House bathing suitsfounded to aid ocean conservation and habitat restoration. They provide women with swimwear that is made in the most eco conscious way possible, and intentionally designed to flatter and instill confidence.


Megan Rodriguez - Pelican House model

The Midway onesie is Pelican House’s very first one-piece swimsuit in a collection. They created this design as a hybrid of the custom one-pieces they’ve made to date. It’s thoughtfully created to flatter every curve of any shape. It's like the sisterhood of the traveling one piece...magic!

Two functional coconut shell buttons in the front allow you to customize the depth of your neckline. Booty coverage is slightly more modest. This beautiful swimsuit is seamless, elastic free, and handmade in the USA. Materials are 84% REPREVE® recycled nylon/poly 16% elastane. All fabrics are made, dyed, and printed in California.

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Opolis Optics | StokedPlastic Recycled Ocean Plastic Sunglass Collection

Opolis OpticsOpolis is a conscientious global brand that builds premium eyewear using recycled and bio-based material. From the very beginning of Opolis knew

Opolis Optics they wanted to develop collections that reflect their commitment to shifting the industry standard of optics manufacturing and their commitment to cleaning up the planet.

Their StokedPlastic award-winning sunglass (and ski/snowboard goggle) collection is made of 100% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate also known as rPET. Polyethylene Terephthalate is the main ingredient in plastic bottles. To ensure they are helping to leave the planet better than they left it, Opolis


Kiana Highs - Opolis Optics model
has teamed up with local rPET manufacturers based in Bali, Manila, and


Nairobi. These partners assist in the cleanup of their beaches, oceans and landfills and ensure that local businesses who are making a positive impact on their community and environment are recognized and rewarded.

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Sagebrush Bags | Surf Poncho: Recycled Changing Robes

Sagebrush Ponchos

The sustainable surf poncho by Sagebrush Bags. Made with 100% recycled materials and handmade in California by surfer Anna Ehrgott. Surf ponchos make changing post-surf all that much easier and warmer.  Extra credit if you wear it all the way home.

Corduroy outer with soft Tencel fabric lining. Snaps under arm holes to make changing easier and vintage trim alongside hood and bottom edge.

Be sure to check out the Sagebrush Board Bags, too!

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Kapture Packs | Unique Upcycled Backpacks for Ocean Adventures

Kapture Packs logo
Kapture Packs makes fun, functional packs built from upcycled windsurfing sails and vinyl banners. Each one is unique and built with passion in Santa Cruz, California. These beautiful packs include a wetsuitKapture Packs


changing mat, wetsuit dry storage, and more. Tyler Fox, legendary Maverick’s surfer, and founder of Santa Cruz Waves designed these unique bags. DM on Instagram, contact, or call +1-831-227-9196 to order.

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Anato | Ocean Friendly Sunblock

Finally, sunblock that won't sting your eyes or leave you looking like a ghost. And it doubles as a concealer!

Anato logo

Anato goes beyond organic by utilizing perennial plants and tree crops from regenerative farms to craft exquisite products that make your skin glow. Perennials sequester more carbon than annual crops. They use renewable resources that can regenerate year after year. Sustainability is not just about the planet, it’s also about the people. Anato collaborates closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure their ingredients are sourced ethically. Anato sunscreen 

SPF 50 • Non-toxic • Moisturizing • Water-resistant 90 + min

Aroma profile: Like eating a chocolate treat on a summer day

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Locus Surfboards | Custom Ecoboard Certified Surfboard
Locus Surfboards Logo

Locus Surfboards are built by a single pair of hands. Tyler Hopkins and his team hand shapes, glasses, and finishes every board. Whether they're building an innovative, performance shape or a classic longboard, Tyler maintains a high bar for environmental responsibility without skimping on quality. Every Locus board uses E.P.S. foam blanks and are glassed using plant-based

Locus Surfboards - Tyler Hopkins

epoxies. Many Locus boards incorporate upcycled fins made the discarded chip brushes used to glass the boards. Some boards even use reclaimed wood for stringers and tail blocks acquired through their collaboration projects with Ventana. Every Locus creation is Ecoboard certified by Support hand-shapers and order a custom board from Locus for you or the surfer in your life.

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Rareform | Sierra Cooler Bag

Rareform Logo

Rareform cooler
Rareform saves billboards from ending up in landfills. The lifespan of a billboard used to be only 4-8 weeks, but Rareform believes they have so much more potential. By collecting, cleaning, and cutting each billboard down we're able to turn something old into something new, and more importantly, something you can carry daily with confidence. The Sierra Cooler Bag is a terrific example of their upcycling ethos. Each Sierra cooler is unique and has extra room for all the snacks your crew can handle and with leakproof protection for up to forty cans. Forgot the bottle opener? The Sierra has one built in, plus a removable interior, and wide mesh pocket. Fill it with snacks and beer or wine from Ventana partner companies, Humble Sea or Ser Winery, and head out for adventure. Check out Rareform's incredible surfboard bags and travel collection, too!

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About Ventana Surfboards & Supplies

Ventana Surfboards logo
Ventana has the highest bars for artisanship and environmental responsibility. We create hollow-framed, reclaimed wood surfboards; bodysurfing handplanes; eco surf apparel, and sustainable surf supplies that are loved by adventurers everywhere. The Ventana team lives and works in Santa
Cruz, California where we test our products on some of the most challenging waves on the planet. Ventana donates at least 5% of profits to ocean conservation.