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Shape of Hope by The Outside Collective

VIDEO - Western Flyer Restoration + Ventana Surfboards

Western Flyer Foundation video by Chris Chase 

VIDEO - STARBUCKS Presents: "The Art of the Craft"

TV SHOW - Handcrafted America on April 26, 2016

Handcrafted America - Episode 10: INSP Network

Now streaming on Amazon Prime: Episode 10, Season 1  


TV SHOW - Matt Baker's Travels in the Country: USA

Matt Baker's Travels in the Country: USA

Matt Baker's Travels in the Country: USA - Episode 6 - Channel 4 UK

Now streaming on Channel 4 only in the UK. Want to stream it? Try this.


ARTICLE - Lost and Found: The Western Flyer's Journey from Steinbeck to Surfboards

Santa Cruz Vibes Magazine

Lost and Found: The Western Flyer's Journey from Steinbeck to Surfboards | Santa Cruz Vibes Magazine ( by David Dennis


FEATURE - Adventure Sports Journal

Adventure Sports Journal: Ventana Surfboards

Ventana Surfboards: Form, Function and Sustainability by Aloe Driscoll

Podcast - The Temple of Surf, Episode 12, Series 5

Temple of Surf Podcast with Ventana Surfboards

Ventana Surfboards by The Temple of Surf Podcast


Podcast - Sustainable GOAT - Season 2, Episode 10

Ventana Surfboards: The Art of Zero Waste Surfing by Sustainable GOAT


FEATURE - The Surfer's Journal, Issue 26.3

The Surfer's Journal Issues 26.3

Quiver Me Timbers by Maxwell Klinger


DOCUMENTARY - Western Flyer Foundation

Western Flyer documentary

Western Flyer documentary by Adam Laiben


FEATURE - Santa Cruz Works

Santa Cruz Works Holiday Gift Guide 2023 - Ventana Wave Amp

Holiday Gift Guide 2023 - Ventana Wave Pocket Amp

FEATURE - Puzzles Unlimited 

Ventana Surfboards and Puzzles Unlimited 

From Surfboards to Puzzles by Puzzles Unlimited


 VIDEO - Ventana Surfboards

Ventana Surfboards video by Jed Rullman

Ventana Surfboards: Jed Rullman


NEWSCAST - KSBW Action News 8

Central Coast surfboard company making eco-friendly products: KSBW Action News 8


PODCAST- The Kyle Thiermann Show

Ventana Surfboards - Martijn Stiphout & David Dennis by Kyle Thiermann


FEATURE - Four Seasons Magazine

Ventana in Four Seasons Magazine

Ventana Surfboards by Karen Rhodes


NEWS - Monterey Herald

Surfboards with a literary connection by Yasemin Saplakoglu




Ventana Wave Pocket Amp: Revolutionizing Music On-The-Go


BLOG POST - Event Santa Cruz

Event Santa Cruz Blog

Top Five Reasons Why Ventana Surfboards is One of Our Favorite Santa Cru Brands by Matt Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz


PODCAST- Stupid Beautiful

Building a Life You Love with Martijn Stiphout and David Dennis by Travis Day


FEATURE - Silicon Valley Business Journal

Microsoft director translates his love of the sea into handcrafted surfboards by Rosellen "Rosie" Downey with photo by Vicki Thompson


PODCAST- Your Next Big Thing

David Dennis: Living Your Values - Surf, Tech, and Photography by Neal Metzler


PODCAST- Beyond the Buoy

Beyond the Buoy podcast

Ventana Surfboards & Supplies podcast by Zachariah Rollins


RADIO SHOW - Event Santa Cruz Radio Show on KSQD 90.7

Interviews with Ventana and Ventana partners with music from Carolyn Sills by Matt Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz


PODCAST- The Hero's Journey: Social Impact Leaders in Business

The Hero's Journey by Avni Creates - Ventana Surfboards

Artisanship, responsibility, adventure by Avni Creates


Ventana's Martijn Stiphout on Podcast Episode 16 on Vimeo by Jeremy Cross


INTERVIEW - Event Santa Cruz

Interview with Ventana co-founder, David Dennis by Matt Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz


NEWS - 90.3 KAZU NPR for the Monterey Bay

Santa Cruz Surfboard Makers Say China Tariffs Won't Make A Big Splash by Erika Mahoney


ARTICLE - Lookout Santa Cruz

Ventana Surfboards + Lookout Santa Cruz

The reclamation of the past dreams by Johanna Hickle



Meet Martijn Stiphout - Ventana Surfboards - VoyageLA

Meet Martijn Stiphout by VoyageLA



ShoutOut LA

Meet David Dennis by ShoutOut LA


BLOG POST - Santa Cruz Works

Santa Cruz Works

Ventana's David Dennis on Creating an Engaging, Authentic Social Media Strategy by Cat Johnson


BLOG POST - Visit Santa Cruz

Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards. Photo by Molly Ressler

A Surfer, Skater, and Glassmaker Give Scrap Material a Second Life by Molly Ressler


PODCAST - Shopify Masters Ventana Surfboards

How Instagram Brings Ventana Surfboards a Wave of Sales by Felix Thea


VIDEO - Sharing the Ride

Sharing the Ride by FreeSoul Projects


AWARD - Save Our Shores Ocean Business of the Year 2015

Ocean Business of the Year 2015 by Save Our Shores


INTERVIEW - Martijn Stiphout with Craig Jones of The Wave Clock


 Interview about Ventana Surfboards & Supplies by Craig Jones


BLOG POST - Shopify Feature

How This California Pair Built a High-End Surf Brand with Upcycled Wood Scraps

How This California Pair Built a High-End Surf Brand with Upcycled Wood Scraps by Nicole Clark



BLOG POST - Western Flyer Foundation

Ventana X Western Flyer Foundation

Artist Spotlight: Ventana Surfboards by The Western Flyer Foundation



David Dennis - ShoutoutLA

Meet David Dennis | Co-founder of Ventana Surfboards & Supplies by Shoutout LA


BLOG POST - Starter Story

Ventana on Story Starter

Ventana Surfboards & Supplies: Collector Surfboards and more by Pat Walls


PODCAST - The Impact Entrepreneur Show

Bootstrapping a Positive Change by Mike Flynn of The Impact Entrepreneur Show


BLOG POST - Lucky Brand Clover Journal

Lucky Brand x Ventana Surfboards & Supplies

Lucky Brand x Ventana Surfboards & Supplies by Lucky Brand


ARTICLE  - Content Magazine

Content Magazine + Ventana Surfboards

Ventana Surfboards & Supplies: Surfboards that tell a story by Katie Shiver with photos by Stan Olszewski


INTERVIEW - CanvasRebel 

David Dennis -CanvasRebel Interview

David Dennis Interview by CanvasRebel



MiiR + Ventana Surfboards

Weekend Agenda: Designing Function Art with Ventana Surfboards by Dalton Johnson


ARTICLE - Power & Motoryacht Magazine

In the Wake of Legacy: The storied Western Flyer returns to the sea as a floating classroom by Tom Bentley



AWARD - Hop Culture Magazine

Ventana Maple Dawn Patrol by Humble Sea award from Hop Culture Magazine

The 20 Best Beers to Drink this Winter by Hop Culture Magazine


PRESENTATION - Blue Tech at the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup


Old Craftsmanship Meets New Technology by David Dennis
Video shot by Matthew Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz


PODCAST - Misogi Radio

Misogi Method Radio

Interview with David Dennis by Jody B. Miller of Misogi News Network


FEATURE - Santa Cruz Waves

Santa Cruz Waves - Ventana Handplanes

Hands Down Pure Fun - Ventana Handplanes by Neal Kearney


 VIDEO - Crafted in Santa Cruz

Ventana - Crafted in Santa Cruz

Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards and Supplies by Crafted in Santa Cruz


VIDEO -  Lost Coast Adventure - Ventana + Tepui Tents + Santa Cruz Waves

Lost Coast Tepui Adventure from Michael Horn


PRESENTATION - Martijn Stiphout

Event Santa Cruz - The Extreme sports Night Part 2: Martijn Stiphout - YouTube




Short Life Lessons - David Dennis -

Short Life Lessons from David Dennis by


 VIDEO - This is How We Cruz

"This is How We Cruz" by Event Santa Cruz and Visit Santa Cruz


NEWS - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Ocean Dream Fair

Quick Bites: Ocean-themed food truck and craft fair by Tara Fatemi Walker


NEWS - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Business Digest: Oasis, Ventana, Pelican House host Ocean Affair this weekend


Quick Bites: Oasis hosts Island Conservation fundraiser by Tara Fatemi Walker


INTERVIEW- Go Solo by Subkit

David Dennis - Ventana Surfboards - GoSolo by Subkit


Reclaimed Wood Surfboards by Subkit



PRESENTATION - Event Santa Cruz: Our Ocean

Ventana's Business Approach by David Dennis
Video shot by Matthew Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz


RADIO - Artist on Art

David Dennis & Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards


VIDEO - TEDx Santa Cruz Talk by David Dennis: Don't Quit Your Day Job

 David Dennis: TEDx Santa Cruz


INTERVIEW -  Bold Journey

Meet David Dennis by Bold Journey


BLOG POST - Entropy Resins

Entropy Resins + Ventana Surfboards

Ventana Surfboards: Functional, Unique Works of Art by Entropy Resins


BLOG POST - The 7 Habits of Highly Sustainable Creators

Entropy Resins + Ventana Surfboards

The 7 Habits of Highly Sustainable Creators by Entropy Resins


RADIO - Think Local First Radio with Matthew Swinnerton

NEXTies Award Winners: Martijn Stiphout and more


BLOG POST - Surfboards made from reclaimed wood

Surfboards made from reclaimed wood by Karmactive


RADIO - Think Local First Radio with Matthew Swinnerton

David Dennis of Ventana Surfboards & Supplies



Founder Stories: David Dennis On Building The Ventana Surfboards & Supplies - Kimp



RADIO - KUSP Reports: Environment

Blog post and audio interviews with Martijn Stiphout by JD Hillard


NEWS - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Ventana Humble Sea

Quick Bites: Brewery, surf company collaborate on pale ale


VIDEO BLOG - Humble Sea Brewing Co.

 Ventana Spruce Pale Ale by Humble Sea Brewing Company


AWARD - ECOBOARD Project Gold Verification from Sustainable Surf

ECOBOARD Project Gold

ECOBOARD Project Gold Verification


NEWS - Good Times Weekly

Who's NEXTie? Martijn Stiphout by Amanda Edwards


NEWS - San Francisco Chronicle

Ventana Surfboards: Seaworthy art by Maria Gaura with photos by Jason Henry


NEWS - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz Sentinel article about Ocean's Edge

Fair pilots standard for green events by Calvin Men with photos by Kevin Johnson


BLOG POST - Inspired By This

Inspired by This

10 Tips for the Morning of Your Wedding (Ventana Save-A-Surf Box featured as Groomsman's Gift) by IBT Girls with Photography by Brooke Borough


INTERVIEW - LaunchBasket

Ventana on LaunchBasket
An interview with Ventana Surfboards co-founder, David Dennis 


BLOG POST - Bold Journey

Meet David Dennis - Bold Journey

Meet David Dennis by Bold Journey



NEWS - Good Times Weekly

Green Swell: Local surfboard company greens up the industry with an eco-conscious business model by Haven Livingston


NEWS - Carmel Pine Cone

Carmel Pine Cone on Ventana Steinbeck Surfboar

Hang ten on a piece of history with the most literary surfboard (see Page 21) by Elaine Hesser


BLOG POST - Joyride by Joie de Vivre Hotels

Dawn Patrol


BLOG POST - Shopify Success Stories

How to sell surfboards online


BLOG POST - The Scuttlefish

A Surfboard Made from John Steinbeck’s House? Ventana Surfboards and Supplies Brings Historic California Back to Life in Their Upcycled Products by Carolyn Sotka


ARTICLE - Selling Surfboards as Art

Selling Surfboards as Art - Starter Story

Selling Surfboards as Art by Story Starter



NEWS - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Just Add Water: Ventana, a window into wooden surfboards by Haven Livingston


FEATURE - Santa Cruz Record

Ventana Social Media Tips

David Dennis's 30 Social Media Takeaways from the 82% Micro Business Summit (SEE PAGE 3) by Cat Johnson


Just Add Water: Surfers' Winter Wishes by Haven Livingston


BLOG POST - Santa Cruz Tech Beat

Q&A: David Dennis -- living a well-balanced life by Sara Isenberg, Editor-in-Chief


BLOG POST - Santa Cruz Economic Development Office

Ventana Surfboards & Supplies: A Reclaimed Perspective on Craftsmanship by Rebecca Unitt


NEWS - Monterey County Weekly

Surf's Upcycled: Local craftsman builds custom surfboards from reclaimed materials




Hang It Up, Other Guys - There's A New Surf Company In Santa Cruz by Susan C. Schena


New Leaf Partners with Ventana Surfboards & Supplies to Support Ocean Conservation by Susan C. Schena


PRESENTATION - "Event Santa Cruz" Non-Starving Artists Night at "Design by Cosmic"

Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards & Supplies


PRESENTATION - Pecha Kucha @ Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

Making Ventana Surfboards a PechaKucha Presentation


BLOG POST - Feature by The Surf Office

Friends from the hood: Ventana Surfboards


RADIO AD - Ventana's Latest Advertisement for Off the Lip Radio

Listen to the latest Ventana Surfboards & Supplies Radio Ad


VIDEO - Santa Cruz Waves Live

Santa Cruz Waves Live featuring Neil Pearlberg and Tyler Fox