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Working with Artists on Ventana Apparel Designs

Ventana by Lili Arnold teeVentana Apparel is Designed by Artists from around the World

Here's how we approach the process, payment, and licensing

  1. We love supporting and promoting artists and cross-promoting each other’s businesses. 
  2. We work with artists who have designs that we love and that we think will represent well the Ventana values.
  3. The artist always retains the copyright for their work.
  4. We ask the artist to create a design that incorporates Ventana's surfboards or elements of our surfboard designs and that will look good on a t-shirt. We don't provide a lot of direction, as we want the artist to create a design that they feel will be popular with our customers based on their knowledge of what resonates with their own fans and customers. We can support printing multi-colored art on our tees.
  5. We pay a flat, negotiated fee to the artist for a perpetual license to use the design on apparel. If the artist allows us to use the design on other products, we appreciate it, but it's not required.
  6. We pay 50% in advance and 50% upon deliver of the final vector (.ai or .pdf) and raster (.png or .jpg) images.
  7. For US-based artists we will send a 1099 at the end of the year for tax purposes.
  8. We love it when the artist sells stickers, prints, and other non-apparel products with the design. We will promote that. Here's an example product page from one of the artists with whom we collaborated. And here's the product page for the t-shirt we created with her art.
  9. We ask that the artist record a time-lapse video of the creation process so that we can promote it on social media, YouTube, and via other Ventana marketing channels. People love seeing the process! Here's an example video from one of our collaborator artists.
  10. We agree to follow each other on at least Instagram.
  11. We agree to promote the artist's design and our collaboration on social media, in email marketing, and via other channels by tagging the artist and, where appropriate, linking to the artist's website and/or the specific page where the artist is selling prints, stickers, or other non-apparel products with the design.
  12. Ventana Grizzle Bear post on Instagram
    We will tag the artist so that the tag displays "above the fold" on a mobile phone anytime we promote our collaboration on social media. For example, we will tag the artist so that the tag is displayed before "...more" on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (see the highlighted artist tag in the Grizzly Bear image on this page). And we will tag the artist on the posted images themselves.
  13. We ask the artist to do the same as described above in #8 and #9. In other words, we view this as a co-marketing opportunity for both the artist and Ventana. We ask that the artist promotes on social media the design and our collaboration at least twice within a 30 day period after the design is complete. More posts are very appreciated!
  14. We ask that the artist let us review the content of the two posts in advance, and we will send our post content for artist review and approval, as well. 
  15. We will continue to tag the artist anytime we post their artist's designs...even years later. We ask the artist to do the same.
  16. We will send the artist two free t-shirts with their design on them! We will also provide them with a 20% discount code for future orders.


 Ventana by Noa Mazali tee

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