Ventana Upcycle Partner Program

The Ventana Upcycle Partner Program allows companies and individuals to reduce the amount wood and other materials they send to the landfill while providing them with marketing and public relations value.
And, it provides us with materials to create environmentally responsible Ventana surfboards and supplies.

We're serious about environmental responsibility. We do our best to minimize production waste, and we want to help other companies do the same.

Contact us to participate.

Benefits of the program for partners:
  • A link to your company's website, your logo and/or a mention of your company on the product page wherever your wood is used
  • Logo and website listing on this partner page
  • Social Media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram with post tags and mentions of your business every time we use your materials in one of our products. (Browse our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts to see hundreds of examples.) We have an unduplicated marketing reach of over 20,000 people per month.
  • Email marketing mentions of your business to promote our partnership. Our mailing list is nearly 2000 people.
  • Mentions of your company in press releases and media outreach when appropriate. See our press page for examples.
  • Use of the Ventana Upcycle Partner Program logo in your marketing materials and online

    Program Partners

    Ventana received an amazing donation of historic wood from what is arguably the most famous fishing vessel in the world. The Western Flyer, built in 1937, and immortalized in 1941 by Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck in his book, The Log from the Sea of Cortez, was lost for dozens of years. It was discovered by a passionate Steinbeck fan and will set sail again in the near future as a state-of-the-art, ocean researcher, but not before its extraordinary wood finds its way into some the most beautiful, performance surfboards in the world...handcrafted by Ventana. Read more in the Monterey Herald.

    Video about The Western Flyer

     Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards inspecting Doug fir hull wood from the Western Flyer

    Ventana Master Craftsman, Martijn Stiphout, inspecting Douglas fir and square nails from the hull of the Western Flyer.

    Learn more!

    Founded in 1976, the Santa Cruz Guitar Company brought boutique guitar making to the forefront of the steel string guitar business. They have created custom guitars for some of the top names in the music industry: Eric Clapton, Brad Paisley, Jimmy Buffet, Tony Rice, Elvis Costello, Nokie Edwards, Jerry Garcia, and hundreds of othersThey provide Ventana with offcuts of exotic, sustainably grown woods used in the production of their outstanding, custom guitars.

    Martijn Stiphout and Richard Hoover at Santa Cruz Guitar Company

    Beeline Blooms Flower Farm in Ben Lomond, California started in 2022 to bring color and joy back to their mountain community that was devastated by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. The response was incredible. People loved wandering among the rainbow rows, finding solace and inspiration. Visitors donated towards the Friends of Alba Schoolhouse nonprofit, and together they raised more than $10,000!

    Karla DeLong of Beeline Blooms You can visit Beeline Blooms (220 Stephens Lane, Ben Lomond, CA 95005) and harvest your own gorgeous dahlias during You-Pick events. Their public days and times will change often based on flowers and weather. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the most current information and for more about volunteer opportunities and paid workshops.

    Thank you to Karla and Dan DeLong of Beeline Farms for giving us beautiful redwood from a tree that was blown over on their property in the storm that started the CZU Lightning Complex fire in August of 2020. The tree was charred by the fire a few days later. Thanks for letting us participate in the milling, too! We'll put this storied wood to good use.

    Dan DeLong of Beeline Blooms

     Mission Bell Reclaimed

    Ventana at Mission Bell's Reclaimed Wood WarehouseIn 1959, Mission Bell was started as a cabinet shop that focused primarily on cabinets for schools. As Leonard and Marjorie Scianna were growing their business, they were also growing their young family. Today, three of their sons, John, Mark and Gregg, continue at Mission Bell.

    In 2012, Mark Scianna recognized design trends in millwork moving toward Reclaimed Wood. He saw this as an opportunity for Mission Bell to better serve clients. Starting with the historic Hangar One Redwood, reclaimed from Moffett field in Mountain View, CA, sourcing reclaimed and salvaged wood has become Mark's passion.

    Mission Bell Reclaimed


    The mission of the nonprofit Monterey Bay Aquarium is to inspire conservation of the oceans. Today, 30 years after opening, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a showcase for the habitats and sea life of one of the world's richest marine regions. More than 35,000 creatures representing over 550 species fill 34 major galleries. With nearly 200 exhibits in all, the Aquarium is a window to the wonders of the ocean.

    The Aquarium has provided Ventana with old benches from inside the facility. The wood is beautiful, sustainably grown, clear heart Alaskan cedar. It will make for outstanding surfboards and supplies!

    Martijn Stiphout and Marlene Brown, Maintenance Engineering Purchaser, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium


    Blade and Board is located in Santa Cruz, California. 

    Ian Abernathy does incredible custom woodworking creating everything from cabinets to live edge tables and more. We're excited to have beautiful offcuts from his projects to use in our surfboards and other products.


    American Hat Makers
    American Hat Makers is located in Watsonville, California just down the coast from the Ventana workshop. American Hat Makers has donated to us a box of leather and nylon offcuts from their handmade hat production. We're excited to incorporate these high-quality materials into Ventana products!

    At American Hat Makers, every detail is important. Every stitch, design choice, and material selection is made with conscious and deliberate thought to bring you the highest quality hats made in America. Founded in 1972, they work hard every day to be the best hat makers in America. Though they are steeped in tradition, they embrace modern practices to deliver hats of the highest quality.
    Martijn Stiphout and American Hat Makers president, Garth Watrous

    Tyde Music
    TYDE Music is located on the North Shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe. The company makes ukuleles, guileles, cajon drums, didgeridoos and other music accessories. Innovation, creativity and a non-traditional approach allow them to build great sounding, gorgeous, and comfortable instruments that are perfect for travel.

    TYDE Music loves wood, and understand it is a valuable resource to our planet. While they do use some exotic woods, they prefer to use local, reclaimed, and sustainable woods in their instruments. Salvaged furniture scraps, materials they have actually reclaimed themselves from local piers, landfills and materials from contractors looking to reduce waste from remodels have all been used.

    TYDE generously donated to us offcuts of prehistoric kauri wood from a peat bog on the North Island of New Zealand. The wood has been carbon dated at 45,000 years old! It was used in the creation of their stunning, Tohito tenor ukulele.


    Kauri wood from TYDE Music

    Poke House has multiple locations around the Bay Area from Palo Alto to Monterey. The founders meet while attending UC Santa Cruz. They are firm believers of feeling great after eating great food. They have a unique take on Hawaiian Poke and a seasonally changing menu made in house and prepared fresh every day. Their mission is to capture California's spirit and adventure about food while supporting local small businesses and their environment.

    Poke House generously donated a beautiful, solid mahogany conference room table from the 1970s that was in their headquarters in San Jose, California. We'll be putting the mahogany to great use in Ventana surfboards, handplanes, and supplies. See the amazing longboard that Poke House commissioned with their wood.



    Cosecha Farming

    Cosecha Farming
    in Bulleton, California is a small family run operation with three distinct elements. They have a small organic fruit, flower, and produce farm for the SBC famers market. They also provide vineyard care and management for a handful of premium, organically farmed wine grape vineyards in Santa Rita Hills and Los Olivos District AVA’s. They raise a variety of animals for eggs, ranch raised meat, and animal integration within our farms and vineyards. We've created a series of stunning Blue Bubbles 7'0" boards using the salvaged redwood vineyard end posts they provided to us by surfer and Cosecha owner, Chris King.



    Blue Heron Design Group has the vision and creativity to elevate your graphic communication to the next level. Whether you need a polished brand identity, a compelling advertising campaign, or a brochure that strikes just the right chord, they listen to you to create graphics with the visual impact you need to really be seen. They offer a unique fusion of design and writing from our full-service graphic design studio in Santa Cruz, CA.

    Blue Heron Principal, Jenny Q Sandrof, trekked dried agave stalks to us from Redding, California.


    Mark Geber of Edward Jones in Capitola, California became a financial advisor to protect others from financial disasters providing a solid financial strategy to help you achieve your dreams.

    Thank for the oak, maple, and black walnut!


    SC41 Furniture
    SC41 Furniture is located at 2017 41st Ave. in Santa Cruz, California. They are committed to ecologically sound business practices and are proud to be among the first U.S. retail furniture companies whose focus is furniture that is good for us and good for the planet. The functional designs crafted by quality conscious woodworkers are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for their conscientious use of sustainable, responsibly harvested wood.

    SC41 offers their customers high quality, attractively styled furniture and bedding at the lowest prices possible while using solid, reclaimed, and recycled materials whenever possible.

    We're grateful that SC41 has joined the Ventana Upcycle Partner Program with their donation of wood furniture samples.

    Susan at SC41 Furniture

    Palisade Builder, Inc.
    Palisade Builders, Inc. has been in the business of building and developing multifamily projects for over 30 years in the greater Bay Area. They focus on sustainable developments that add housing stock and are affordable by design. PBI is headed by Matt Eaton and Jason Anderlite, both residents of Santa Cruz. They are committed to making Santa Cruz as clean and healthy as possible and are active with the Surfrider Foundation and The City of Santa Cruz Junior Guards program. 

    PBI recently donated a stash of redwood planks from a fence project on the upper westside of Santa Cruz. We're excited to turn these beauties into surfboards!

    PBI Redwood

     Osgood Design

    Osgood Design was started by Aaron Osgood in 2018 after he worked for 6 years in industrial automation. During his time in that field, he gained an appreciation not only for the precision enabled by machines, but also for the beauty through marriage of materials that creates industrial style. This appreciation for machine-like precision coupled with Aaron's upbringing in the rugged nature of California's Central Coast brings about a unique aesthetic in the furniture that he builds. Aaron's ability to mix local lumber sources with multiple other materials creates precise and beautiful, yet one of a kind furniture that is built to last.

    We're stoked to collaborate with Aaron, trade wood, and put to use the amazing claro walnut e gave us! Wood note: Author, John Steinbeck worked at the sugar beet factory around which the town of Spreckels, CA was built. Klaus Spreckels was the factory owner and the town founder. He planted the walnut trees that line the road from which this claro walnut came. Steinbeck passed by these trees countless times.


    Whole Foods Santa Cruz

    Whole Foods Santa Cruz donated reclaimed, redwood boards that were used in a store display to explain their values to customers. We’ll be reclaiming them again for use in surfboards and handplanes! Thanks to surfer, shaper, and Store Team Leader, Seth Wyland (and son Milo) for the donation! 

    Learn more about the Whole Foods Core Values, including their focus on environmental stewardship.

    Whole Foods wood


    Upcycled Skate Art is one of our favorite collaborators and wood donors. They have donated incredible, exotic wood offcuts from their various projects, and they've worked with us to incorporate upcycled skate decks into our surfboards and handplanes.

    Every year nearly 3 million skateboards end up in landfills, and Upcycled Skate Art believes that these decks still have a lot of life to live. Skateboards generally start with a maple that is used for a relatively short period of time before breaking. Upcycled Skate Art works to recycle every ounce of skateboard into beautiful and functional pieces of art.


    RePercussion Drums is a small company based in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor in the southwest of the UK, specializing in making bespoke stave construction snare drums and full kits. Founder, Andrew Johnston, has a passion for building hand crafted musical instruments from timber that has an interesting provenance and timber that has already served a relevant purpose.

    RePercussion sent us some incredible, bog oak sourced from the UK. This finite resource has been radio carbon dated at between 4,800 years and 5,200 years old, when the UK was heavily forested, woolly mammoths were wandering the plains and humans were still using stone axes! Listen to David Raouf play a snare drum made with this bog oak and discuss its history. Contact Andrew if you'd like to discuss commissioning a snare drum or kit made from this rare source of lumber. We can't wait to start using this stunning wood ourselves!

      Achilles Restaurant

    Achilles Restaurant offers their customers the freshest and highest quality ingredients, generous portions, and great tasting Mediterranean meals at affordable prices.

    Achilles is one of the highest rated Mediterranean restaurants in the US on Yelp, and they're now in Santa Cruz at 1404 Soquel Avenue!

    As part of their preparation for this new location, they were left with pieces of Owens Corning insulation, which we love to use to make lightweight, bodysurfing handplanes. We're excited to put these pieces to use.

     Elias of Achilles Restaurant

      It's Not Trash

    It's Not Trash finds their materials in alleys in Los Angeles and through Marji Medinademolition of decks and fences in Northern California. They are conscientious capitalists. Companies design things to break on purpose, a concept known as "planned obsolescence." It's Not Trash takes broken furniture, re-uses it, and redesigns it so that it won't break again! They enjoy selling people back their trash in a form that will never become trash again. They allow people who can only afford to shop at cheap furniture stores the ability to buy quality furniture that is structurally sound, unique, and one-of-a-kind. The folks at It's Not Trash get to do their part in saving the planet by making furniture out of trash, and they're able to make a great living doing it!

    It's Not Trash gave us some incredible, salvaged hardwoods of white oak, red oak, purple heart, black walnut, mahogany, ipe, teak, and more. We're excited to use these in Ventana surfboards, handplanes, and other sustainably built supplies.


    The Shapers Alliance is a nonprofit focused on sustainability in board sport culture. Boardsports form a multi-billion-dollar industry. For the sake of profit, companies sadly resort to quantity over quality, resulting in mass production of outsourced materials and labor, leaving a wake of trash, byproducts, and occasional human injustice. The Shapers Alliance promotes recycling innovation and eco-friendly products by educating industry professionals and consumers on how current products are manufactured and what can be done to improve production.

    The Shapers Alliance provided Ventana with some beautiful wood offcuts that they sourced for us from a woodworking connection.

    Rick Turner single-handedly established the boutique guitar industry with his Model 1 electric - played the world over by some of the most legendary guitar players including Lindsey Buckingham, Colin Hay, Susana Raya, Pat Simmons, and more. Although Rick passed away in 2022, his legacy lives on his Santa Cruz, California workshop where incredible guitars are still being made. 

    We're honored to have offcuts from Rick Turner Guitars production. 

    Rick Turner Guitars

    Stephen Strahm was drawn to music since childhood, when his mother preferred the stereo over the TV. Jimi Hendrix inspired him to switch from drums to guitar at 15, and he never looked back. He learned to build and repair guitars from various sources and attended the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in 1999. He worked for the Santa Cruz Guitar Company for nine years and collaborated with other renowned luthiers. For him, building guitars is a cathartic expression of love, passion, and freedom.

    We're excited to use offcuts from Stephen Strahm Guitars in our surfboards and other products!


    Sisstrevolution is a band of Sisstrs; creators, swell followers and adventure seekers united by their obsession with the sea. She guides their travels, influences their creativity, and promises them the ride of their lives. They take what she gives with gratitude and give back to sustain her future.

    Sisstrevolution donated to Ventana wetsuits and offcuts from their R&D process. The neoprene will be perfect for making the soft covers we use on our bodysurfing handplane straps. Learn more about our partnership with Sisstrevolution!

    SisstrEvolution Wetsuit Offcuts

    East End Gastropub in Capitola, California serves some the best food, beer, and wine on the Monterey Bay. The service and atmosphere are top-notch, and the menu is innovative with recognizable ingredients in tasty combinations.

    East End donated to Ventana wine corks left over from many nights of uncorking bottles from their menu. We've begun using slices of the corks in elements of our surfboards, such as the in-progress fin shown here.


     OG Redwood

    OG Redwood in Carmichael, California is an eco-friendly company that sells old-growth redwood. They offer a variety of beautiful salvaged and reclaimed woods that have incredible history dating back to the late 1800s.

    Old-growth redwood is a remarkable quality wood from trees that are over 200 years old. Much of OG Redwood's wood comes from left over logs that were cut between 1880 and 1970 and old water tanks. The redwood is exceptionally resistant to decay and can be found in near perfect condition after sitting outdoors for 130 years. Woodworkers value this type of wood not only for its beauty but also for its durability. Old-growth redwood is resistant to cracking, rot damage and insects, and is extremely strong, especially compared to new growth. It can be left out in harsh weather year round without requiring maintenance.

     OG Redwood

    Uncommon Brewers

    Uncommon Brewers brews beers aimed towards the less explored regions of craft brewing. They're looking for subtlety in flavor along with interplays of malt, hop and spice that enhance each other and bring something new to their beers. 

    The had two left over pieces of incredible redwood slabs that were used for tables that they generously donated to us. We're very excited to make use of these offcuts!

    Uncommon Brewers

    Buell Wetsuits & Surf founder Ryan Buell has been designing wetsuits in Santa Cruz, California for more than 20 years. While Buell is dedicated to designing the best wetsuits that money can buy, Buell Wetsuits & Surf is dedicated to fun! Surfing is fun and they want to keep it that way. Buell Wetsuits keep you warm and give you flexibility with their “Rubberbones” technology that allows you to push your surfing to new heights.

    Buell donated to Ventana two wetsuits that weren't quite up to their quality standards but will be perfect for making the soft, neoprene covers we use on our bodysurfing handplane straps.

    Johnny Rice

    Johnny Rice was a legendary shaper here in Santa Cruz. His wife, Rosemari Reimers-Rice a former professional surfer donated to Ventana a selection of amazing wood used by Johnny in his shaping bay. 

    Hear her explain the provenance of some of the woods...

    SpaceCamp Studio

    SpaceCamp Studio is a design build practice in Santa Cruz, California led by Trevor Jones, Lead Designer, Creative Director, and General Contractor. SpaceCamp designs and builds commercial and residential projects on both dense urban and remote rural sites. We'll be putting Doug fir from SpaceCamp to good use in our surfboards.

    SpaceCamp's client sites are located on the Central Coast of California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, and in Portland, Oregon where the practice was founded.

    The SpaceCamp mission is to provide a uniquely craft-oriented and collaborative service. Project types include restaurants, professional tenant improvements, accessory dwelling units, complete home renovations, new home construction, land use consultation, kitchen and bath renovations and lighting, and furniture design and fabrication.


    Venus Spirits

    Located in Santa Cruz, California and founded by Sean Venus, Venus Spirits is producing organic small-batch whiskey, gin, aquavit and blue agave spirits. For Sean, opening a craft distillery on the West Coast is a blending of entrepreneurial spirit and a love of whiskey. 

    Venus builds bold flavors that start with locally sourced and organic ingredients. Their spirits are distilled in hand pounded copper alembic stills. A little bit of ocean air, a touch of precision and some time result in extraordinary handcrafted spirits.

    We're stoked to have a set of charred, New American Oak Barrels used to age Venus's Wayward Whiskey and El Ladrón Blue Agave. We'll be putting them to good use in the form for Ventana surfboards and handplanes.

     Venus Spirits

      Jessie Kendall-Bar

      Jessie Kendall-Bar has a wood story that is almost as incredible as her talent! We have a great collab in the works, including some projects with wood from Jenna Judge, Phd's wood fall research project. The wood was submerged to 3100 meters (>10,000 feet) for 2 years as part of Jenna’s experiment. You can read the research paper associated with this project here

      Jessie is a PhD student studying Marine Mammal Physiology and Neuroscience in the Costa and Williams’ labs at UC Santa Cruz. She studied Marine Science and Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. Jessie loves art and science and in particular how they can combine to vividly depict the underwater world.Her research interests include animal behavior, physiology, and neuroscience, especially concerning cognition, mating, and sleep. Read more about her research here. 

      She loves to free dive, scuba dive, swim, surf, sail, bike, and hike. She is also a talented artist and photographer. Take a look at some of her illustrations and photography. We especially love her wood-burning pieces, some of which use wood from the other Ventana Upcycle Partner Program participants.



      Locus Surfboards (Instagram: @locus_surfboards) is a Santa Cruz-based, eco-friendly surfboard builder All of their surf crafts are ECOBOARD verified by Sustainable Surf. Locus makes some of the most performant, hand-shaped and glassed boards we've ever had the pleasure of riding!

      Locus donated a beautiful, teak table to Ventana that will be finding its way into our surfboards and handplanes!

      Blown Out Wetsuit Repair is the place to go in the Santa Cruz, California area to get your wetsuit repaired and extend its life. They have a large selection of pre-owned wetsuits and some surfboards, too! 

      Blown Out donated some wetsuit scraps for us to use as the soft covers on our bodysurfing handplane straps. 

      Schultz Construction is a third generation, full-service general contracting firm. As builders, it is a matter of integrity and pride for Schultz Constuction to competently construct whatever their clients and designers call upon them to build; it is their commitment to do so as green and sustainably as possible. If you are looking to build your dream home, create an addition to your existing home, or in need of general contractors to remodel and transform your residence or business call Schultz Construction for a consultation.

      Schultz Construction and their employee, Tom Castro (pictured with his Ventana Redwood Longboard), have provided Ventana with a variety of wood species offcuts to use in our surfboards, handplanes, and more. 

       Schultz Construction - Santa Cruz

      Made in Pescadero

      Made in Pescadero is a working gallery, designing and handcrafting the very finest custom furniture, art and accessories by the area's most talented craftsmen and artists.

      We'll be using their beautiful offcuts in our surfboards, handplanes and surf supplies!

      Ken Periat of Made in Pescadero

      Woodworker René Gaudette, Monterey Bay Aquarium Teen Conservation Leader volunteer and employee of Houstons Home Improvement & Repair (email), was inspired by Ventana's sustainable product development approach. René has been working on the restoration of renowned author and Nobel Prize winner, John Steinbeck's cottage house on 11th Street in Pacific Grove, CA. René generously provided us with a number of redwood boards removed from the foundation, bathroom and enclosed porch of the home. The cottage was originally owned by Steinbeck's father and was John's residence beginning in 1928 when he and his wife, Carol, returned to the area. John published his first novel, Cup of Gold, the following year.

      John Steinbeck's father had the 3-room summer cottage in Pacific Grove built in 1903, and throughout John's childhood the Steinbeck family frequently spent weekends at the house. When John married Carol Henning in 1930, his parents allowed the newlyweds to live in the cottage rent-free so that he could pursue his writing career: "Financially we are in a mess, but 'spiritually' we ride the clouds," Steinbeck wrote shortly after their move to the cottage. John and Carol lived there until 1936. In 1948, John returned to the cottage after separating from his second wife, Gwyn. Even after a 1950 move to New York City, where he would live for the rest of his life, the Pacific Grove cottage remained a touchstone: "I long for it with almost a pain sometimes," he wrote to his sister Mary in 1955. " has a pull almost irresistible. I have never slept in my life as I can sleep there." - Eric Mora, Marketing and Membership Coordinator at the National Steinbeck Center

      We have created some amazing surfboards and handplanes using the Steinbeck wood and other reclaimed lumber from the Monterey Bay area. We are also able to create custom surfboards from this wood. We will be donating some of the proceeds from the sales of these boards to the National Steinbeck Center.

      Kochlacs Wood
      Every piece of furniture from Kochlacs Wood comes with a story. This story takes root in the oaks, walnuts, cypress, madrone, and redwoods that have towered over us, soaking in the California sun for a lifetime. These trees have personality and beauty that only comes with age and are cut only when the tree is considered a threat to its surroundings or has succumbed to disease does it begin its second life in our homes and businesses.

      Kochlacs Wood allows customers fully custom furnishings through picking the specific slabs, injecting their own style into the process, and allowing the craftsman to tailor the piece to its final setting.

      Text by Scott Bauhs





      The Handmade Teardrop Trailer

      Matt Berger of Sk8Makers is working on a cool book, “The Handmade Teardrop Trailer”! He stopped by for some guidance on Entropy Resins epoxy usage and fiberglassing and became our newest upcycle partner with his donation of redwood offcuts! Thanks, Matt!

      The American road trip is a century-old tradition celebrated by families, friends, and individuals for as long as there have been roads. This obsession with the road has propelled an industrial revolution in the camper, trailer, and RV industry. Matt Berger's book The Handmade Teardrop Trailer: Design and Build a Tiny Camper from Scratch hands you the keys to craft your own great roadtrip adventure. 

      Resting on spectacular, ocean view, hillside acreage in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Soquel Vineyards boutique winery was established in 1987 by twin brothers Paul and Peter Bargetto and friend, Jon Morgan.

      Soquel Vineyards recently won two Double Gold Medals and five Gold Medals at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition! They farm organically, and they specialize in Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation wines and classic Cabernet Sauvignon. In keeping with their wine-making philosophy, the threesome limit their production to fewer than 10,000 cases annually - yielding truly exceptional wines.

      Soquel Vineyards provides Ventana with French Oak barrels that were used to age their award winning wines.

      Peter Bargetto and Martijn Stiphout at Soquel Vineyards

      Khordz are "mugs that make a difference." The goal of Khordz is to get others excited about keeping plastic out of landfills, off the beach and out of the ocean. They aim to help support those who make it their mission to protect the ocean and ensure that everyone can enjoy the beauty and resources it offers. Khordz mugs are created in Santa Cruz, California using glass jars and 25 feet of paracord that are made in the U.S. The mugs are hand tied, microwave and dishwasher safe, and we carry a special version of them here at Ventana.

      Paracord is a very strong leash cord material. So we've partnered with Khordz to use their offcuts for our popular, Save-A-Surf tool. Khordz keeps the left overs out of the landfill, we reduce our production cost and pass the savings on to you...the buyer of a responsible surf product with outstanding craftsmanship. Everyone wins!

      Brown Felicetta Designs

      Wenge and Teak

      Brown Felicetta Designs is a full service cabinet shop that has been creating beautiful, custom cabinetry in the Bay Area for over 10 years. They strive to be one of the premier cabinet shops in the area while keeping their prices affordable.

      Brown Felicetta provided Ventana with beautiful wenge and teak offcuts that are now making their way into our surfboards.


      Brown Felicetta Cabinets Ventana fin using Brown Felicetta woods

      O'Neill Wetsuits are as good as they get. This Santa Cruz company invented the surfing wetsuit and has been keeping us warm, comfortable and protected for decades. 

      We're proud to be using the offcuts from their wetsuit product development to create comfy handstraps for the next generation of Ventana bodysurfing handplanes.


      Knotty Hole Woodworks has been creating custom cabinetry in Northern California for 35 years. They have an extremely streamlined process to ensure quality from start to finish. Knotty Hole understands the importance of conserving what we have. In keeping with this mentality, they work to minimize waste in their shop and only use FSC certified woods. Their shop uses modern and sophisticated machinery which ensures precision cuts and minimal waste. The waste they do generate is recycled whenever possible.

      Ventana is helping Knotty Hole Woodworks upcycle some of their offcut woods but utilizing them in the creation of new surfboards, handplanes and surf supplies. We're proud to partner with outstanding companies that share our values like Knotty Hole.

      Handcrafted here in Northern California, each Potaito Board is constructed with three layers of upcycled, fine exotic hardwoods. A custom cross-grained core adds the strength longboards need for day-to-day use while creating beautiful detail that runs the width of their designs. Their complete decks come equipped with top quality, USA made, wheels and bearings from Seismic Skate Systems and trucks from Randal Truck Co. Whether you’re in the market for a small ripper, a laid-back cruiser or just a beautiful piece of woodwork check out their store to find your next epic ride when you're out of the water.

      Ventana is using offcuts from Potaito Board production in the creation of some of our new surfboards, handplanes and surf supplies. We are also collaborating on some stunning new skateboard designs. Stay tuned!


      The Giant Dipper roller coaster at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is perhaps the most famous wooden structure on the West Coast. Complete with its landmark red and white structure, spectacular view of the Monterey Bay, and speedy successive dips and fan curves, the Giant Dipper keeps new and old generations coming back for more.

      The folks at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk keep the Giant Dipper running safely and looking great at all times. That means occasionally replacing pieces of the coaster's wood. We're excited to have received one of these boards to use in the creation of future Ventana surf products.

      Ride the Giant Dipper right here!

      Tenbrook Archery OffcutsTenbrook Archery makes incredible accurate and beautiful custom wood longbows and recurves right here in Santa Cruz. They also use some of the most gorgeous woods on the planet. Woods like mango, koa, black and white ebony, walnut, etimoe, myrtle and more.

      Not wanting any wood to go to waste, Tenbrook provides Ventana with offcuts from the production of their craftsman bows. We use the woods to create surf supplies. Two great local companies working together and creating stunning wood products.


      Soif is a Santa Cruz restaurant, wine bar and wine retail shop that provides you with the opportunity to explore a vast variety of wines in a sophisticated and friendly environment. Great Food, Great Wines, Great Times.

      Since opening, their goal has been to provide a comfortable place to drink great wine and eat food that is as good as the wine, and then, if the wine is to your liking, to be able to buy some and take it home. They carry wines that are usually a challenge to find: reflective of their origin, expressive of the vineyard and the vintage and the traditions of their region, wines that are not a commodity, but limited and handmade, wines of great provenance and flavor.

      Soif provided Ventana with Douglas fir joists removed from their bar as part of their remodel project.  

      The Santa Cruz Dream Inn has something for everyone. Take in Monterey Bay sunrises from your balcony; watch the surfers (or join them!), and enjoy the pool, spa and sound of the ocean waves. Their retro-chic boutique rooms offer stunning views of Monterey Bay from your own private balcony or semi-private patio.

      The folks at the Santa Cruz Dream Inn provide Ventana with their spent key cards. We use them to create upcycled guitar picks that we include with each Ventana Save-A-Surf Box!

      Pitzer and Sons Construction


      Steve Pitzer contacted us to donate some beautiful old growth redwood that was recovered from a trellis used to cover a shuffleboard court at Montevalle Park in Scotts Valley, CA.

      Pitzer and Sons Construction

      Thamer Design & Woodworking does amazing cabinet work and furniture. Devin Thamer provides Ventana with Bay laurel, cypress and other offcuts from his projects. We use the woods in our Save-A-Surf Boxes, Reclaimed Wooden BeltsBodysurfing Handplanes and Wooden Surfboards.

      Santa Cruz Food Lounge

      The Food Lounge is a community-minded event venue, commercial incubator kitchen and full service food organization aimed at fueling, educating and inspiring Santa Cruz through exceptional food, events, art, and entertainment.

      When the Food Lounge replaced their old bar with a beautiful new one, they donated the replaced wood to Ventana to use in future products.

      Hive & HumHive & Hum


      Hive & Hum is an urban mercantile. Husband and wife partners, Gary and Jodi Marisich, are creating a lifestyle shop of home, garden, gifts and apiary goods inspired by the humble bumble of the Honeybee.

      During the build-out of their new retail space in Santa Cruz (now closed to focus on their design business), they were left with beautiful red oak and poplar offcuts. They donated the wood to Ventana for us to use in the creation of surfboards, handplanes and supplies!

      Santa Cruz Signs is an award-winning, full service sign shop servicing all of Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties here in California. Their vehicle wraps, banners and custom signs are among the best in the world and, like Ventana, they are a Save Our Shores Ocean Business of the Year recipient!

      Santa Cruz Signs donated a large cache of used, vinyl banners they created for a reggae show. We've collaborated with Totally Tubular Design to turn them into new bags to showcase at our pop up shops!

      Alibi Interiors reclaims and repurposes any and all wood to make it beautiful again.

      Alibi reclaims wood they source from mossy fences, old floor boards, marine wood and anything else they can find and thoughtfully repurposes it into sustainable goods for the home. And, their workshop is within view of the Ventana Surfboards workshop, providing us with inspiration every day!

      From picture frames to custom farm tables, each piece is well designed, hand crafted and usually custom made.

      Alibi recently donated to Ventana a selection of beautiful, reclaimed woods for our use in surfboard, handplane and supply product.