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Ventana Locus Surfboards Eco Collection

The Ventana Locus Surfboards Eco Collection is a collaboration to create high performance, eco-responsible, foam-based surfboards. Free U.S. Shipping.

Primate Series
The Primate Series draws inspiration from classic theory and design. These boards work well in a wide array of conditions with an emphasis on easy paddling, trim, speed and fun. The Primates give you the option to find some corners on days you might otherwise decide to go back to bed.

Contact us for information on custom shapes, colors, fin configurations and styles.

All boards include free U.S. shipping and can be insured and shipped elsewhere in the world, as well.

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$ 1,800.00

The Bonobo model was designed for quick pop-ups, outstanding maneuverability and nose-riding. It's perfect for a small, mushy day or an overhead break. This shape will be your go-to longboard. It's available in 7'6' to 10'0' lengths. The model pictured has a stunning, custom resin tint on the bottom and a classic, white top deck with a hint of what's below...

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$ 995.00

The Monkey Wing model is a Simmons-inspired planing hull. Short, wide and fast! This model really flies! The Monkey Wing is designed to extract the maximum amount of fun from even the most gutless surf. Very low entry rocker coupled with a wide outline and shovel nose make for easy paddling and instant speed on take off. The bottom is...

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$ 995.00

The Gibbon model is a performance hull designed for speed and flow. We increased the entry rocker, added a bit of tail kick and pulled in the nose and tail outline. The Gibbon is designed for rail to rail surfing in waist to overhead surf. The bottom has a slight vee transitioning to a single then a deep double concave out the...

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$ 995.00

The Astro Chimp model was designed for when the surf starts to get a bit more vertical. We increased the nose and tail rocker, though overall still relaxed compared to contemporary performance rockers. The Astro Chimp can handle punchy beach breaks, peeling points or barreling reef passes. This shape is fast down the line, trims great and still works well...

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