• Making Ventana Surfboards Making Ventana Surfboards Martijn Stiphout describes the process of making Ventana Surfboards' distinctive hollow wooden boards. Going into the steps and details of making of what makes them unique and beautiful.
  • Ventana Surfboards & Starbucks: The Art of the Craft Ventana Surfboards & Starbucks: The Art of the Craft


Ventana Surfboards

Hollow wooden surfboards hand-built using recycled and reclaimed materials

We build our boards with a perfectionist’s attention to detail, and every board is built to surf. And they surf well at that!

The materials are mostly recycled or reclaimed, and often have interesting back stories and historical significance. We have built boards using fences, wall studs, historical redwood floor boards and drift wood, for example.

And, we can incorporate your own pieces of wood, metal, shell or other materials that have meaning to you. We also use only Entropy Bio Resin, an outstanding epoxy that replaces petro-chemicals with renewable, bio-based materials.

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Redwood Burl Fin

6’6″ Down-Rail Conifer Board – SOLD

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7′ Flying Pig “Checker Board” @ Sawyer Land & Sea Supply – AVAILABLE

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9′ Redwood Longboard – AVAILABLE

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Shop Photo of the Day

 Coho living large at the Ventana workshop. #Ventanadailypic


Handplane 085 - $180

Cedar, pine, doug fir and redwood handplane – AVAILABLE

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Blog photos February

Wooden router planes – AVAILABLE

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Hand plane left side

Hand-made Handplane – the tool variety…

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