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Redwood Hull 6'0"

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Jill WagnerLearn more about Ventana custom surfboards.

The initial construction phases of this board were featured on April 26, 2016, on the TV show, Handcrafted America, with Jill Wagner




This 6'0" hull has a simple elegance. The top and bottom have similar patterns and will look great on the wall and in the waves. The less complex design allows us to bring this to you at a lower price point than other Ventana Surfboards. 

A hull surfboard has a convex bottom shape and planing surface. A traditional displacement board plows through and parts the water, but a planing hull is different. It skims across the surface creating a fast and loose ride.

The primary wood is redwood from the historic Schwann Mansion in Santa Cruz and the lighter wood is Douglas fir from MMA fighter, Gray Maynard's house in Capitola, California. The Schwann wood was milled in the 1890s and is at least one thousand years old. It was used as floorboards for over one hundred years.

The single fin is made of reclaimed, old growth redwood from an old porch.

The rails are made of oak cork, and it was glassed with Entropy Super Sap 100 Bio Resin made with mostly tree sap and 4oz. fiberglass cloth (two layers on top and one on bottom). As with all Ventana boards, the interior is glassed and sealed, as well.                                                                                       

Made in Santa Cruz, California by master craftsman Martijn Stiphout.

Dimensions: 6' x 21.5" x 3"

Weight: 14 pounds

Each board comes with a special edition of our standard Save-a-Surf Wax Box. This version includes two vent plug screws for your new surfboard.


All Ventana Surfboards are ECOBOARD Project Gold Level Verified by!

Surfboard - Redwood 6&
Surfboard - Redwood 6&
Surfboard - Redwood 6&
Surfboard - Redwood 6&
Surfboard - Redwood 6&
Surfboard - Redwood 6&
Surfboard - Redwood 6&

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