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Ventana XXL Cold Water Surf Wax

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We're not into those little slivers that are left after waxing a board or two, so we set out to fix the problem. We believe these bars of cold water wax (50-69 F / 10-20 C) are the largest on the market. They fit well in your hand, and they were specially blended for Ventana to have just the right amount of stickiness. To further solve the problem of those little bits of wax, we've added an Orange Peel package with Peel Surf Co. Read more below.

We wanted something unique, so we worked with Jimbo's Surf Wax in New Hampshire to develop a new formula. You can use the pine scented wax to make any surfboard smell like one of our premium, hollow wooden boards. We also have maple, coffee, chocolate, and cherry scents in the same, sticky formula!


Now with fortunes! Rather than waste the offcuts from the label, we print fortunes on them. Each bar of wax comes with a unique, surf-related fortune, like: "You will have an important encounter with a goofy foot." and "Be open to wisdom from an old soul surfer." Of course, if you'd rather receive your wax with no wrapper at all, just let us know.

Our wax is biodegradable, and Jimbo cooks up our batches over a woodstove using sustainably harvested timber. The wax is non-toxic and biodegradable, but hey, don't eat it.

There's not much that concerns us about this wax from an environmental perspective. We don’t love that our special blend is shipped to us from across the country, but there's so much good here that we're feeling okay about that. And,Orange Peel + Ventana Surf Wax Ventana's donations to ocean conservation make us feel even better.

We've also added a new package with Peel Surf Co.! The Orange Peel fits perfectly in your car's cupholder. It lets you store those extra bits of wax left over from each surf session. As your car heats up in the sun, the wax also melts into the Orange Peel mold and can be peeled out and re-used as a new bar! Sand and debris sink to the bottom and are easily scraped off. It's oven and microwave safe. And it's 100% made and manufactured in the US!


Longboard or short, you'll love the way this wax keeps you where you need to be on your board to rip, cruise, cross-step or hang ten. Buy a baker's dozen. This wax is terrific!

Technical Details

Surf Wax

  • 150 grams (industry waxes range from 70-85 grams)
  • Unique surf-related fortune with each bar
  • Some of the ingredients are secret, but this blend includes:
    • organic beeswax
    • coconut oil
    • tree resin
    • essential oil

Orange Peel + Surf Wax Package

  • Orange Peel silicon wax mold
  • Ventana leash cord key chain
  • Two Ventana stickers
  • Bar of Ventana XXL Pine Scented surf wax (warm or cold water)

 Peel Surf Co.

Wax - Ventana XXL Cold Water Surf Wax
Wax - Ventana XXL Cold Water Surf Wax
Ventana XXL Cold Water Surf Wax
Wax - Ventana XXL Cold Water Surf Wax

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