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Ventana Surfsquatch by Thiago Bianchini Organic T-Shirt

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The Legend of the Ventana Surfsquatch is true!

Ventana Surfsquatch sighting

Although some incidents have proven to be hoaxes or cases of mistaken identity, there have been enough sightings over the years, that there is near universal agreement that the Ventana Surfsquatch is real. Read the Legend of the Ventana Surfsquatch and decide for yourself!


This extra soft, Pacific blue-grey, tag less, shirt is 100% organic cotton. The incredibly talented Thiago Bianchini created the Ventana Surfsquatch graphic. Based in São Paulo, Brazil. All of Thiago's illustrations feature nature, human feelings, and a new way of looking at our world. He tries to create something new every day, and we're in love with what he created for Ventana!

Each order comes with a waterproof, four-inch, die cut color sticker.



Organic Cotton

5% of the profits from these shirts will go to the Ventana Ocean Conservation Scholarship!

We're proud of these shirts. The cloth is made from 100% organic cotton, and the shirts are Made in the USA. The silk-screening is done in Santa Cruz, California, and 100% of the profits from the screening goes to fund the local youth outreach and education programs of Barrios Unidos.

Each shirt comes with a reclaimed wooden hang tag connected to a key ring and an upcycled, paracord leash cord offcut from the production of Khordz Mugs. Just like our surfboards, every detail matters. 

Overall, there's a ton of goodness about this product, but while the shirt is manufactured and printed in the USA, the yarn is created overseas. We're also using Plastisol ink. We're looking into using water-based inks in the future.



Wear this as your go-to shirt on surf trips, local sessions, or wherever. Donate your wardrobe to people in need and stock up on these great shirts. Order a few to show your commitment to the planet and your support for amazing artists! 

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Technical Details

  • 100% Organic Cotton (Unisex or Women's Style)
  • 4.4 ounces/square yard
  • Set on rib collar
  • Double needle sleeve hem
  • Double needle bottom hem
  • Tape shoulder to shoulder
  • Side seamed
  • Wooden hang tag with key ring and upcycled paracord leash cord
  • One waterproof four-inch color sticker of the graphic 
  • Art created by Thiago Bianchini


Ventana Surfsquatch by Thiago Bianchini Organic T-Shirt
Ventana Surfsquatch Tee
Ventana Surfsquatch by Thiago Bianchini Organic T-Shirt
Ventana Surfsquatch by Thiago Bianchini Organic T-Shirt
Ventana Surfsquatch by Thiago Bianchini Organic T-Shirt
Ventana Surfsquatch in Santa Cruz