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Ventana Eco Hoodie with Monterey Bay on Back

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Pull-overs or zip fronts! Select which one you’d like using the “Style” menu.


This soft, Ventana Treefish Logo, zip or pullover hoodie comes in Pacific bluw. It has thick hood strings and will last for the long haul. It includes the Ventana Treefish Logo on the front and the Ventana Monterey Bay by Thiago Bianchini on the back. The logo has hidden meaning that reflects our values. These are pre-shrunk and will hold their shape.


Ventana Eco Label
We're proud of these hoodies. This sweatshirt is made from 80% certified organic cotton and 20% recycled plastic bottles. The silk-screening is done in Santa Cruz, California, and 100% of the profits from the screening goes to fund the local youth outreach and education programs of Barrios Unidos.

Each hoodie comes with a reclaimed wooden hang tag connected to a key ring and an upcycled, paracord leash cord offcut from the production of Ventana Khordz Mugs. Just like our surfboards, every detail matters. 

Overall, there's a ton of goodness about this product, but while the hoodie is printed in the USA, the cut and sew is done overseas. We're also using a single pass of Plastisol ink. We're looking into using water-based inks.


This hoodie is great for home or work but slipping it on to check the waves or to warm up after a cold-water session is what it's all about.

Technical Details

  • RPET Polyester/Organic Cotton
  • Metal Zipper or pullover
  • Kangaroo Pocket
  • Unisex style
  • Wooden hang tag with key ring and upcycled paracord leash cord