Ventana Surfsquatch Mobile Ventana Surfsquatch Mobile surfboard Ventana Surfsquatch Mobile Ventana Surfsquatch Mobile surfboard

A Legendary Vehicle for a Legendary Creature

Built from scratch at 1/12th scale over four months and 160 hours, master artisan Martijn Stiphout handcrafted nearly every element from reclaimed and salvaged materials.

The details on this remote control 4x4 trail truck crawler are as incredible as the Surfsquatch himself.

While not officially for sale, if you're interested contact us.

Ventana Surfsquatch Mobile


  • Full-time 4WD single speed transmission with locked gears. This is the high clearance all metal transmission made by WPL RC.
  • 4x4 metal axle kit and drive components made by WPL RC.
  • RES-V3 receiver with petrol sound from WPL RC.
  • Scale soft rubber off-road C54 tires from WPL RC.
  • Hand-crafted frame, body, lighting, brass components, and accessories.
  • Handcrafted details throughout from reclaimed and salvaged materials
Ventana Surfsquatch Mobile


  • Hand-crafted using Sculpey polymer clay
  • Two, built-in servo motors to control arm and head motion
  • Head motion is by cable made of steel fishing leader line and concealed in the back
  • Gear shift button on the remote control raises his hand with a “shaka/hang loose” sign as well as turning his head to the side

Remote Control Truck

  • Truck body made of redwood salvaged from a hot tub in the Santa Cruz Mountains with accents of Alaskan yellow cedar (AKYC) from water reservoirs in the San Jose area by way of Mission Bell
  • Front and rear bumpers made of Honduras mahogany from Santa Cruz Guitar Company
  • Front grill of ebony from SCGC
  • Custom LED lighting
  • Acrylic windshield from Palace Art & Office Supply trash
  • Cab and bed floors of maple from Alibi Interiors
  • Seats of Alaskan yellow cedar from reservoirs with redwood from hot tub
  • All stainless hardware salvaged from Camp Six Labs prototyping refuse
  • Hand-carved shift/turn signal/lever handles of ebony from SCGC on brass levers
  • Shifter boot from discarded Tepui Tents material
  • Ignition key hand-carved from brass and wired to the dashboard gauge light - fully functional!
  • Key was hand-filed of 1/4"x1/16" stock fit into a brass cylinder in a brass sleeve connected to a rocker switch and LED light under dash to turn on truck
  • Dummy gauge with power light in dash
  • Speed control/receiver/soundboard/remote control by WPL RC, concealed in truck bed “toolbox”
  • Custom LED lights/switch in toolbox
  • Two battery compartments under bed behind cab; one for vehicle one for lights
  • All wood parts sealed with five coats of polyurethane
  • All brass parts were brushed/polished and then sealed and baked with Everbrite sealer
  • Carbon fiber headlight tubes from Camp Six Labs
  • Swing-away tire carrier made of brass, stainless, and aluminum
  • Five wheels made of white oak from the Western Flyer boat built in 1937 and chartered by John Steinbeck and Ed "Doc" Ricketts in 1940 into the Sea of Cortez
  • Frame and suspension components fabricated of salvaged aluminum stock from Camp Six Labs
Ventana Surfsquatch Mobile surfboard

Ventana Sunburst Surfboard

  • 9.5” Ventana Sunburst longboard to scale
  • “Water” made of Doug fir hull planks from the Western Flyer
  • Alaskan yellow cedar rays from reservoir wood
  • Redwood rays from Golden State Mill by way of Mission Bell
  • “Sun” of Entropy Resins drippings from Locus Surfboards/Ashley Lloyd Surfboards glassing
  • Manzanita burl from a house in Watsonville used for the live-edge fin with translucent Ecopoxy
  • Surfboard coated in Ecopoxy and polished
Ventana Surfsquatch Mobile


Made from Alaskan yellow cedar from a reservoir near San Jose, California with the following on top:

Ventana Surfsquatch Mobile fishing rod

Fishing Rod

  • 12” fly rod
  • Bamboo skewer turned down to size
  • Hand-forged brass eyelets tied to rod with black thread
  • Accent stripes of green glitter from fishing fly tying material over all bindings
  • All eyelet bindings sealed with fly tying epoxy
  • Handle of mahogany from Alibi Interiors
  • Reel made of washers, bolts, and bar stock brass
  • Fly-line backing line as main line, 2lb test leader
  • Size 24 fishing hook tied as streamer fly
Ventana Surfsquatch Mobile Ventana Surfsquatch Mobile


  • California Squatch license plates made of printed paper super-glued to White Claw Blackberry beverage can aluminum
  • Brass Ventana porthole/surfboard logo on grill
  • “9 mili-mug” coffee cup made of a discarded 9mm Luger shell found on the road in Watsonville
  • KZSC bumper sticker made of Sculpey
  • Ventana stickers made of paper and finished with super glue
  • Yeti cooler of Douglas fir from the hull of the Western Flyer boat, fiddleback redwood from the Santa Cruz Mountains, and Honduras mahogany from Santa Cruz Guitar Company
  • Igloo cooler of reclaimed foam board with remote control airplane hinges and steel wire handles
  • Ice made of acrylic scrap from Alibi Interiors
  • Halibut made of Sculpey clay

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