Top 8 Reasons Why Ventana Surfboards are Perfect for Woodie Car Owners

Ventana's sustainable wooden surfboards and paddle boards are surfable works of art built by hand in Santa Cruz, California. Here are the top reasons why Ventana surfboards are the perfect match for woodie car owners:

  1. Artisanship: Each Ventana Ventana wood Surfboard on a Woodie Carsurfboard and paddle board is a work of art, hand-crafted by master artisan Martijn Stiphout. The attention to detail and craftsmanship mirrors the care and dedication woodie car owners put into their vehicles.

  2. Design Matching: Ventana boards are made from reclaimed and salvaged wood and can be built to match the wood style and species used on any woodie car panels. We can create almost any design for discerning woodie car owners who appreciate the beauty of wood and natural design.

  3. Unique Story: The wood used in each board comes from various reclaimed and salvaged sources like old boats, floorboards, wine tanks, and more. Each board tells a unique story, much like the history behind each woodie car.

  4. High Performance: Despite being made of wood, Ventana boards are relatively lightweight and have internal ribbed frames for strength. If you or yours every decide to surf them, they perform exceptionally well in the water, just like a well-tuned woodie on the road.

  5. Ventana Surf and Paddle BoardsEnvironmental Responsibility: All our boards are made from reclaimed and salvaged woods. We use top quality epoxies made from soy and tree sap bases to fiberglass our boards. And we donate at least 5% of profits to ocean conservation efforts including to the Ventana Ocean Conservation Scholarship.

  6. Quality: Ventana boards are among the highest quality in the world. Each board takes 50-60 hours of handcrafting to create. This commitment to quality and attention to detail is something that every woodie car owner can appreciate.

  7. Durability: Just like woodie cars, Ventana boards are built to last. We use a hollow, internal frame design invented in 1937 by Tom Blake to provide strength and structure. And the bio-based epoxies used in our fiber glassing are highly durable. We fiberglass our boards with two sheets of 4-ounce glass on the outside, and we glass them on the inside as well for multiple lifetimes of durability.

  8. Conversation Starter: Just like a classic woodie car, a Ventana surfboards and paddle boards are sure to turn heads and start conversations, whether you’re on the road or at a show.

Ventana boards and woodie cars share a common thread of artisanship, sustainability, beauty, and classic style. They are more than just surfboards; they are symbols of a lifestyle that values quality, history, and the environment.

Ventana Surfboard on Woodie Car