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Ventana Vientola Finger Surfboard

$ 69.50

The miniature, wooden, Ventana Vientola Surfboard is custom made for finger surfing out the car window. It's a brilliantly designed toy made in the old school, craftsman style of bygone days. Vientolas come in three designs, each modelled after actual Ventana surfboards: Treefish, Ventana Sunburst and Full Sunburst. Created by master craftsman Martijn Stiphout, the boards are treated with polyurethane in case you decide to surf them in the rain or water. A miniature bar of surf wax comes with each board along with a carrying pouch.



This wood was sourced through our partnership with the Santa Cruz Guitar Company. Founded in 1976, the Santa Cruz Guitar Company brought boutique guitar making to the forefront of the steel string guitar business. They have created custom guitars for some of the top names in the music industry: Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello, Dick Dale, Jimmy Buffet, Johnny Cash and hundreds of others.

The wood is sustainably grown, Honduras Mahogany taken from the offcuts of guitar neck production.The leash cuff is made of neoprene offcuts from O'Neill Wetsuit product development. The wax is cooked over sustainable wood burning stoves in New Hampshire using all natural ingredients. The carry bag is hemp and made in Nepal.


Ventana Vientola Surfing is a new kind of board riding for adults and kids alike. In Spanish, ventana means "windo," viento means "wind" and ola means "wave." Stick your hand out the window and surf the wind waves! Try it in water, too...small, stationary rapids should do the trick.

The aerodynamic properties of the bevel models hold the board to your hand.

Here's how to Vientola Surf:

  2. Wax up the board with the included miniature bar of Ventana Viento pine scented surf wax.
  3. Slip the leash cuff onto a finger past the second knuckle.
  4. Put two or three fingers or the board.
  5. Pinch the board with your thumb.
  6. Now be careful! Once the car has a bit of speed, stick your hand out the window.
  7. Remove your thumb.
  8. Use your fingers to surf the board in the wind!
  9. We're still kooks at this new sport, so help us learn. Upload videos of tricks you've mastered and tag us on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or wherever!

Technical Details 

Dimensions: 4" x 1.38" x 0.25"

  • Honduras Mahogany from Santa Cruz Guitar Company offcuts
  • Polyurethane coating 
  • Neoprene leash cuff
  • Super strong hemp leash
  • Choose from three different designs

Pine scented Ventana Vientola surf wax: 1.5" diameter x 0.75" thick

Hemp carry bag made in Nepal

Learn more about the Santa Cruz Guitar Company and its visionary founder, Richard Hoover:


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