These are a few of the handplanes I have made and am currently offering for sale. These handplanes are all built from scrap wood or off-cuts, glassed with 4oz cloth on top and bottom, feature all brass hardware with threaded inserts, and a comfortable neoprene/nylon hand strap.

Handplane 085 - $180

Cedar, pine, doug fir and redwood handplane – AVAILABLE

Another sweet little handplane – Cedar and pine with redwood and doug fir checkered stringer. Read more

Philippine mahogany, redwood, Crayola handplane bottom

Philippine mahogany, redwood, and colored pencil handplane – AVAILABLE

Philippine mahogany makes up the majority of this handplane, but the eye-catcher is the center Read more

Handplane 083 - $180

Doug fir, cedar, redwood handplane – AVAILABLE

This handplane was made from reclaimed doug fir, cedar, and redwood. The center stringer (cedar) Read more